Heptapolis SuperEco System Specifications

1. Each unit can cover 20-25 m². The ideal performance is at 20 m².

2. Each system can cover 100 -125 m². We can install 1 unit per room provided the rooms are on the same floor and meet the above specifications. For houses, the system can serve up to two floors.

3. For rooms of 26 - 30 m² we will install 4 units per system.

4. For rooms of 31 - 50 m² we will install 3 big units per system.

5. Each large unit can replace 2 small units at the same cost. It can cover 40 to 50 m². The ideal performance is 40 m²

6. For buildings that have a low energy class E, F or G, please contact the company beforehand.

Important: The coverage of a space in square meters is defined as an open plan space and not the total coverage of independent rooms.